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Do you desire to walk the ancient path that Jesus and His disciples walked? The Way is a deep dive into ten spiritual disciplines - the same disciplines that were practiced by Jesus and His first disciples in order to draw near to the face of God.


Living face to face with God, intentionally and consistently, is a journey with signposts and pit stops along the way. This spiritual GPS is laid out for us in the life of Jesus and throughout the entire Bible. We practice spiritual disciplines, not for their own sake, but for the end goal of face-to-face intimacy with the Creator of the universe. 


During this eight-week equipping class, we will discover and practice ten spiritual disciplines that have been part of the Christian faith since its inception in the first century. These are disciplines that Jesus practiced in His intimate relationship with the Father and left for us as a means of connecting with the heart of the Father individually and corporately.  



The Word





Giving and Service


Silence and Solitude

The Way: A Journey to the Face of God Through the Spiritual Disciplines

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