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Will You Hear Their Voices?

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Each of us has a story to tell - a story that has the power to change another person’s life. Sharing a personal story can feel scary at first. When I first started sharing our story, I often questioned myself. “What will people think about us? Will they judge our motives? How do I share how amazing this life is without sugarcoating it? This life isn’t easy, but it’s worth every sacrifice. How do I communicate that and still inspire people to get involved?” At some point, I put away my fears and took the leap. I decided that vulnerable, suffering children were more important than my comfort, my reputation, and my opinion. I began sharing our journey, our struggles and our triumphs.

Our story begins with infertility. Scott and I are not able to parent children naturally. This has been painful for both of us, a lifetime of longing and tears and questions. Although I still carry the sad knowledge that I will never give birth to a child, I have come to believe that God takes our circumstances and creates beauty. When we offer up our lives as a sacrifice to God, we lay what we are given, no matter what that looks like, on the altar and the Holy Spirit lights us up. From the ashes of our sacrificed lives, beauty rises. Scott and I choose to lay down our lives on the altar, so that God’s beautiful plan can arise.

Welcome to our story. Welcome to our journey. To date, Scott and I have parented 16 children and adopted three sons out of the foster care system. We believe that God is awakening His Bride to the sound of children’s voices. Vulnerable children are crying out to be heard AND TO BE HELPED. Will you join us in this endeavor to bring their voices into focus? Will you prayerfully consider what you can do to serve vulnerable children in your community? Because without you, we cannot accomplish this task. There are nearly a half million children in foster care in the United States today. This work is far to big for us. Will you hear their voices? I pray you do.

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